Quality assurance, high-quality dedication, morality first, and honesty as the foundation
Pre sales: (1) Search for information and contact customers to provide detailed information on our factory's equipment.
(2) Through communication with customers, understand their needs.
(3) Recommend the equipment required by customers and improve the technical parameters of the equipment.
During sale: (1) Provide equipment related pictures and technical information.
(2) Install equipment and inform customers of equipment installation progress and equipment quality.
(3) Complete equipment installation progress on time and on time, handle unexpected events in a timely manner, and maintain communication with customers.
After sales: (1) Professional technical personnel are responsible for equipment debugging and training customers on how to operate the filter press and maintenance skills.
(2) Provide high-quality filter press product accessories at a low price for a long time.
(3) The equipment warranty period is one year. If the equipment is damaged due to its quality, we will be responsible for free repair. If the equipment is damaged due to improper operation by personnel, we will arrive at the site for repair within 48 hours of receiving the message and provide handling suggestions.